Elections/Christmas Party on Wednesday

Don’t forget to join us for our Christmas Party on Wednesday night at 7pm at the Clearview Golf Course. Club members will also vote in our annual election of officers and board of governors.

The slate of candidates from the NEQRC Nominating Committee:


Kevin Ryan

1st Vice President

Roy Tabita

2nd Vice President

Sal Bacarella

3rd Vice President

Alan Laufer


Joan Cassidy

Corresponding Secretary

Ronnie Reiburn

Recording Secretary

Hank Yeh

Executive Member

John Watch

Membership Chair

Amanda Ryan

General Secretary

Andy Brennan

Sergeant at Arms

Joe Vaccaro

Rabbi M. Pomerantz

Board of Governors:

Joseph Ferone

Robert Anich

Joann DeMartino

Elio Forcina

Gregory Mitchell

Warren Scullin

Angela Fristachi

Anne Marie Devlin

Barbara Tabita

Joan Vogt

George Angel

Oliver Tan

Best of luck to all the candidates and we hope to see you Wednesday night.

Merry Christmas

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