The Inaugural Issue of the NEQRC Newsletter

As we squeeze in those last few barbecues, the children go back to school and the humidity finally gives way to cooler weather, we are very excited to show you the inaugural issue of the NEQRC Newsletter.

Yes, it’s full-blown campaign season and we want to join with fellow Republicans in doing what we can to support our candidates and share observations about our community. We have wanted to produce a newsletter for some time, but doing so can be expensive. Because we are the party of fiscal responsibility, we waited for the right time. With the stakes higher than ever for our City, State and Nation, this is the time.

This is just the latest way in which the NEQRC reaches out to all Republicans in Northeast Queens.

Please read our Newsletter, comment on it and, above all, join our Club if you aren’t already a member. Click on the Newsletter’s email links for ways to email us or visit the Contact page on this site. It’s an exciting campaign season, so let’s share it. We look forward to meeting you.

Fall 2012 NEQRC Newsletter

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1 Response to The Inaugural Issue of the NEQRC Newsletter

  1. flomalo says:

    Congratulations on your newsletter!  Looks great and is a wonderful idea.  Keep me on the e-mail listing.  Will not be able to attend monthly meetings since they are in conflict w/ meetings  of Joint Parish Respect Life Committee meetings.  Very good organization of key members!


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