Pataki Endorses Ulrich for State Senate

(Reported in the Queens Courier)

Pataki Endorses Ulrich for State Senate

By Kevin J. Ryan

Beechurst, N.Y.- Former Governor George Pataki spoke in support of Councilmember Eric Ulrich’s bid for NYS Senate at a recent fundraiser.

The former New York State Governor said he enjoys the private sector these days and publicly endorses a campaign only when he believes strongly in the candidate. “Eric Ulrich,” he said, “is someone in whom I strongly believe. ”

Pataki commented, ”Councilman Ulrich has done a phenomenal job at being a fresh, new voice not just for his district, but for the people of Queens and this City. It’s a better place because of him.  His new race for State Senate is critical for the future of this state in deciding whether we’re going to have decent, strong leadership in the State Senate or whether we’re going to go back to the hideous dysfunction that existed just two years ago. We have to make sure Queens and New York City stay safe. We need schools that actually work. That’s not going to happen unless we have people like Eric Ulrich in the Senate.”

Pataki continued, ”You have to have confidence that the place you can build a career and advance up the economic ladder is here in Queens and New York State. Eric understands that and he will make that happen in Albany. Taxes are too high. It’s too hard to have a business here and Eric will fight to make it a little bit easier. This race is very important for the future of the State.”

The former governor said he looks forward to seeing Ulrich “bring the same young, independent voice he’s been on the City Council to the State Senate.”

Ulrich commented, ”It’s about the future of our state and the our young people, to make sure they have a better shot at life than we had our parents and grandparents had. That’s what being in Queens and being an American has always been about. If I want to give that opportunity to the next generation, I’ve got to step up to the plate and help continue bipartisan leadership in Albany.”

Ulrich and his wife, Yadira, are expecting their first child.

If Ulrich defeats Juan Reyes in a September primary, he will face off against Democratic State Senator Joseph Addabbo in November.

Also in attendance in support of Ulrich was Councilmember and Congressional candidate Dan Halloran, who recently recovered from brain surgery.

The fundraiser was hosted by entrepreneur Sal Bacarella and his girlfriend, Christie Lauren.

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