Joe Concannon for NYS Senate

 Who is NYS Senate Candidate Joe Concannon?

Joe Concannon is the Republican candidate running to represent NYS Senate District 11, against incumbent Democratic Tony Avella. He needs our help to return this seat, which was held by Senator Frank Padavan for 38 years, to fiscally responsible control.

Joe is not a career politician, but a middle-class husband, father and business owner who is genuinely concerned about our neighborhoods, our prosperity and our children’s future. He’s not part of a political machine or a member of the elite establishment.

A retired NYPD captain and former advisor to Mayor Giuliani, Joe is running on a platform of smaller and more effective government, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, bipartisan cooperation, relief for small businesses and education reform.

Joe knows what it’s like to raise a family in Queens and to struggle to pay bills and taxes. Seeing the quality of life for future generations threatened by intrusive government intervention, he wants to represent his district in Albany guided by principles and common sense.

Joe wants to reduce taxes and fees, as well as eliminate unnecessary and burdensome regulation. Small businesses and entrepreneurs deserve a chance to thrive in our neighborhoods, without being stifled by politicians.

A Queens property owner for 25 years, Joe knows the concerns of home ownership and property values. He believes everyone deserves a chance at the American dream without unnecessary obstacles from the government. Taxpayers should be able to keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible. Our government needs to get out of the way and allow job creation in both the private sector and through government partnerships.

With the prices of everyday necessities skyrocketing and families working harder than ever just to keep up, Joe will vote to reduce spending and keep the State Government’s hands out of the wallets of the middle class.

A father of three, Joe understands that education is the key to liberty and prosperity for future generations and wants to improve education to keep our children competitive with students around New York and the globe. He sees bridging the gap between our public and our private schools as key, as well as ensuring tax relief for parents who send their children to private schools.

“I am running for NYS Senate to make sure our community is represented in Albany as vigorously as it was for 38 years, prior to Senator Avella,” Joe commented. “We need a State Senator who will work with the majority in both the Senate and the Assembly to get things done. For the past two years, we have only seen a lot of papering shuffling, demands for studies and very little real benefit for our communities.  We need to get the State out of our pockets and out of our way. Our neighbors are struggling. I call on you to send me to Albany to work for you and your families. We need results, not fear.  We need action, not studies. We need real economic opportunity. We need cooperation, not division among our residents and communities.”

Joe’s 25-year law enforcement career with the NYPD has broadly prepared him in understanding government and ranged from planning city-wide emergency management protocols and operations to directing the early computer operations, LAN management in New York City, and government oversight. He was responsible for developing the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management and coordinating the response to all large-scale emergencies within the City of New York. He was the senior analyst in the Mayor’s Office for all public safety agencies within the City. He has both internal and external investigative experience with the NYPD and the Mayor’s Office and has received over 17 NYPD awards and commendations.

A founder of InfraGard’s NYC Alliance ( a partnership between the FBI and private business), Joe develops the vision and strategies for InfraGard in NYC to produce a successful, self-sustaining program and not for profit business. The FBI has recognized him locally and nationally for his commitment to the program, contribution to national security and leadership in the security industry. His experience in the NYPD, with the Office of the Mayor and as a private businessman makes him an ideal representative.


Joe served in the military and earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Public Administration from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. . A lifelong New Yorker and sports fan involved with CYO programs for 15 years, he resides in the St. Gregory the Great Parish in Bellerose with his wife and three children.


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1 Response to Joe Concannon for NYS Senate

  1. Kuriakose P.V says:

    I wish Joe Cancannon success in the Election. Tony Avella deserves to be defeated. I am a member of independence party and have registered my protest against the party supporting Tony Avella. He should retire from politics. He has made false allegations of corruption against even democratic politicians who served the State with dignity and honor such as Mark Weprin, David Weprin,and Barbara Clark. He has stooped down to mudslinging game against Senator Frank Padavan who has served the country in the military and as Senator for 38 years.
    A self righteous ” I am the only Saint” individual he has been indulging in baseless allegations against others in collaboration with cheap journalists, news-media and prejudiced individuals
    Look at old newspaper reports . His record of public waste goes back to years when he allowed dumping of building construction waste in Govt land which was leased for $1 per year to Flushing Sports club that he was president of Senator Padavan brought in money to clean up the mess and then he claimed glory for the clean up. 16 Million dollars of tax payer money was spent for the clean up and restoration

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