Meet Candidate Joe Concannon

One of the candidates who will speak at our meeting Wednesday night is Joe Concannon. He is one of our active club members. Here is some information about him:

Joe Concannon is a veteran of the United States Air Force and a retired captain in the NYPD. He is also a former public safety director for Mayor Giuliani, a former civic leader in the Bellerose area of Queens and a trusted security professional.

Joe is also the husband of Theresa McKay, the daughter of Thomas McKay (retired FDNY Captain) and the proud parent of three children: Lauren (married with one son), Megan (graduating from East Stroudsburg University) and Brian (graduating from Holy Cross High School and awaiting entry into the U.S. Marine Corps in September).

Some of Joe’s positions on key issues, which we can discuss with him at the meeting:

Same Sex Marriage: A personal issue now being mandated by government.  The Catholic Church, Judaism, Islam, other organized religions, as well as the history of Western Civilization have generally defined marriage as between a man and a woman. Should the government redefine marriage?

Hydro-Fracking: Why are some politicians opposed to this in NYC , when the development of this resource can create jobs and lower every resident’s overall energy cost?

Medicaid Spending: We have saved $2.3 billion in one year, but we need to go further and have a 10 year plan to reduce this another $1 billion each year for the next 10 years. 

Public Housing: This is a failed social program that areas like Newark, New Jersey are reengineering.  It is time to remove the dependence on government and give the power of ownership to the people.  We can save $1 billion a year.

Education: Our education system is not failing because of teachers;  it is failing because of beaurcracy.  Teachers need to be able to teach and education is not an entitlement system. Parents should be involved, not excluded.  Clearly, there is a distinct difference in graduation rates between private and public schools.  We need to learn from both to create opportunities for our children and grandchildren.  Technical schools, sometimes looked down upon, are needed more than ever to produce skilled American workers.  The State of California recently hired a Chinese company to build bridges, citing the lack of American welders.  We need professionals and skilled laborers.  New York and the entire United States are in danger of falling behind and not having the skilled workers to keep the jobs here. Our unions cannot build our buildings if there is no one with the skill set to do the job.

The underlying message is we need to stop playing on people’s fears. We need a long-term strategy that will insure the economic stability of the State and continue crucial funding for traditional community programs, such as Memorial Day Parades, public parks and senior facilities.

 No more photo-ops of stoking the fear of local residents.No more shallow promises of reform.  We must work together within our community and other communities to resolve these problems with viable solutions.  For 38 years, we had Senator Padavan. Through false promises, someone else was elected to represent us.  All that has occurred in the last two years is representation through fear, not solutions.  Leadership means someone takes the step forward-even in difficult situations- to unite the community, not divide it. 

 Joe Cocannon is the leader you have been waiting for.  He will take on the difficult issues, but he will not alienate his colleagues in Albany by the use of fear, but rather that of Hope.

Come and meet Joe Concannon, along with U.S. Senate Candidate George Maragos, Congressional candidates Dan Halloran and Stephen Labate at our meeting on Wednesday night at the Clearview Golf Course at 7:30pm.

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One Response to Meet Candidate Joe Concannon

  1. Rick Cannon says:

    What position are you running for Joe?

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