Turner Salutes Israeli Independence Day

Turner Salutes Israeli Independence Day

Praises 64 years of Democracy, Commitment To Peace, and Innovation

New York – Congressman Bob Turner (NY-09) offered his birthday wishes to the State of Israel praising the Jewish State for being a shining example of democracy for the past 64 years.

“Today, we celebrate the 64th anniversary of Israel’s independence and its commitment to democracy.  Despite a constant barrage of threats and attacks from neighboring countries and terrorist organizations, Israel has continued to champion the cause of democracy and push for peace. In the six and half decades since its inception, Israel has transformed itself into a robust economy that serves as a world leader and innovator in business, science, technology, agriculture, and medicine.  The United States and the State of Israel have shared a special bond since its creation. This bond, based on mutual beliefs and goals, has never been more important than it is today. At this extremely volatile and unstable period in our history, we must and we will continue to stand by our close friend and ally as they continue to work towards a lasting peace. May the State of Israel go from strength to strength for another 64 years and more.”

Congressman Bob Turner represents New York’s 9th Congressional district and serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, and House Committee on Homeland Security.

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