NY Sky Full of Rising Young Republican Stars

New York Sky Full of Rising Young Republican Stars

By Kevin J. Ryan

Especially since the Obama mystique was created and promoted by the mainstream media in 2008, Democrats have claimed to be the party of youth. But like so many of their claims, it simply isn’t true.

A lot has happened since 2008. Obama’s iPod and Twitter account don’t make him seem youthful or hip anymore. A recent poll suggests that Obama’s percentage of young voters is in decline. More importantly, the GOP is full of young rising stars both nationally and here in New York.

Today, 27 year-old New York City Councilman Eric Ulrich announced his candidacy for NYS Senate. A lot of people have hoped he would run and it’s easy to see why. He’s young, energetic and handsome. He’s also remarkably charismatic and articulate for a politician of any age. Councilman Ulrich, who won his Council seat (representing Belle Harbor, Breezy Point, Broad Channel, Hamilton Beach, Howard Beach, Lindenwood, Neponsit, Ozone Park, Rockaway Beach, Rockaway Park, South Ozone Park, South Richmond Hill, and Woodhaven) in a special election in February of 2009 and was elected again in November, is also the Council’s GOP Minority Whip and Mitt Romney’s New York City Campaign Chair.

Councilman Dan Halloran announced his candidacy for U.S. Congress a few weeks ago. Halloran, 40, is another young, fresh politician who was elected to the City Council in 2009 to represent the Queens neighborhoods of College Point, Auburndale-Flushing, Bayside, Whitestone, Bay Terrace, Douglaston, and Little Neck. A formidable public speaker and attorney, Halloran’s election and tireless service have signaled a resurgence of the Queens GOP.

Council Members Halloran and Ulrich have long been using internet social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with their constituents and let them know what they’re doing to serve them. In fact, Councilman Ulrich’s NYS Senate announcement was done via YouTube this morning. But unlike the walking political Rorschach Test that was Candidate Obama, who let undecided voters see whatever they wanted to see in him, they are substantive and consistent on the issues.

Rudy S. Giuliani, the former mayor’s 28 year-old second cousin, is rumored to be considering a run for the State Senate seat that was held by Republicans for decades and is now held by Democratic State Senator Tony Avella. Having worked on his uncle’s presidential bid and Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign, he has some experience as well as very high name recognition.

These young and vibrant candidates point toward a bright future for the Republican Party in the Empire State. Seats that were held by Republicans for many years can be reclaimed. With these and many other new, talented public servants rising to lead, President Ronald Reagan might say it’s morning in New York.

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