U.S. Senate Hopeful Wendy Long at Tomorrow Night’s NEQRC Meeting

Here’s a quick reminder that our monthly meeting will be held tomorrow (Wednesday) night at the Clearview Golf Course at 8pm. This month’s guest will be U.S. Senate primary candidate Wendy Long. Bring a friend!

In the meantime, here are five quick facts about her:

1) Wendy Long has been endorsed by several conservative groups, including the NYS Conservative Party, The Susan B. Anthony List and conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham.

2) When a recent Quinnipiac poll showed her trailing Rep. Bob Turner for the nomination, she responded, “Two things from today’s Quinnipiac poll are abundantly clear; Senator Gillibrand is vulnerable and my two current office holding opponents in the Republican primary have not made much of an impact on the voters of New York State. Conventional GOP candidates have thrice tried and thrice failed to beat Kirsten Gillibrand. Having never run for office, I am not surprised that New Yorkers are only just getting familiar with me. I believe the best candidate to beat Senator Gillibrand is the one who can credibly, consistently and unapologetically take on her shameful record of higher taxes and gas prices and fewer jobs and opportunities. I’m confident that as voters get to know me they will be won over to my common sense agenda which is based on adherence to our Constitution that is being trampled on by President Obama and Kirsten Gillibrand.”

3) She earned a Juris Doctorate and left private practice to build the Judicial Confirmation Network (now the Judicial Crisis Network), to promote public education about the proper role of the judiciary under the American Constitution and to win U.S. Senate confirmation of Supreme Court Justices and other federal judges with a record of judicial restraint and respect for the Constitution, including Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito.

4) Her Facebook page is here.

5) Her official website is here.

UPDATE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Wendy Long was forced to postpone her appearance at the NEQRC. However, veteran GOP strategist Dick Wadhams was kind enough to address our club.
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