Holder Responds after Court Demands DOJ Clarify Obama’s Health Care Claim

Stating the Obvious: Holder Clarifies Obama’s Statements

By Kevin J. Ryan

It seems President Obama and the Left now get flustered when the courts don’t act as judicial activists on their behalf. They’ve been spoiled since the 1960’s.

Marbury vs. Madison has been one of the Left’s favorite Supreme Court cases, especially when the Court cited it as authority to strike down any state law that prohibits abortion. But now, President Obama says that it would be an “an unprecedented, extraordinary step” for the Supreme Court to overturn “a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.” All “laws” are passed. A law that wasn’t passed by Congress is called a “bill.”  It’s not clear why the President mentions its passing by a “strong majority.” Why would that matter?

The Supreme Court has struck down many laws that were passed and defended under the Commerce Clause as “economic regulation.” It seems the President is frustrated, now that it’s Obamacare under scrutiny. Showing his arrogance and frustration, he made statements this week that upset some judges and now Eric Holder has submitted a statement to clarify President Obama’s position (at the court’s order). Holder was good enough to agree that the judicial branch still has the final say when it comes to the constitutionality of a law.

From Fox News:

Holder says court power to review laws ‘beyond dispute’

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