Take a look at Concannon 2012

Be sure to have a look at active NEQRP member Joe Concannon’s interesting Facebook page. “Like” it and show him your support. It promises to be full of good ideas and lively discussions.

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One Response to Take a look at Concannon 2012

  1. Today, March 27th, 2012 we learned that Kathleen Rice the District Attorney of Nassau County has found the way forward with students taking the SAT examine on Long Island.

    For those less informed the Nassau DA has prosecuted those involved with wide scale cheating in this college placement examine known as the SAT. The cheating so wide spread that it devalued the testing for all involved. The numbers of children cheating was beyond the pale.

    Result: Students will be required to offer two forms of photo ID to sit for future exams.

    Is anyone seeing any irony with this and our election process??? On Facebook both my personal FB Joseph R. Concannon and Concannon 2012 readers have been submitting lists of things we’re required to furnish photo ID. Its time to clean things up. Join me on Concannon 2012 and we’ll begin the journey to cleaning things up. But I’m going to need everyone of you. So hurry up and make your way over….I’ll be waiting for you.

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