Turner Campaign Offers Free Gas in Gillibrand Flip-Flop Contest

Here’s the press release from the campaign:



Contact:  Jessica Proud: 914-438-5325




Turner Campaign Offers Free Tank of Gas to New Yorker Who Guesses Exact Time  of “Imminent” Gillibrand Keystone XL Pipeline Reversal


New York –March 22…New York’s junior senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-WFP) is about to flip-flop again, this time on the Keystone XL gas pipeline that she strenuously opposed just two weeks ago, the campaign of Republican Senate candidate B0b Turner (R-NY-9) today predicted.  So sure is the Turner campaign that Ms. Gillibrand will reverse course on the pipeline, that it is offering a free tank of gas (up to 20 gallons) to the New Yorker who can mostly closely guess the exact day, hour, and minute of Ms. Gillibrand’s change of mind. President Obama, who Ms. Gillibrand walks in lock step with on most things, suddenly reversed his position on Keystone on Wednesday.


“As sure as the sun will set today and rise tomorrow, Kirsten Gillibrand will change her position on the Keystone XL Pipeline,” said Turner campaign spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “Ms. Gillibrand changes positions with however the wind is blowing — or with whatever Mr. Obama is saying. Last week she suggested that Keystone was an environmentally unsound project, but at any moment she will veer sharply in favor of the Pipeline to appease President Obama. Mark our words.”


Congressman Turner who has been unequivocally in favor of Keystone and of increased domestic oil drilling capacity to lower the price of gas at the pumps, has been critical of Ms. Gillibrand’s opposition to projects that would help ease rapidly escalating gas prices that are strangling the household budgets of millions of New Yorkers. Ms. Gillibrand’s only proposed solution has been to — once again — raid the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is supposed to be used only in an emergency.


“Whether it’s immigration, federal regulations on Internet companies, or if she does or doesn’t keep a gun under her bed, Ms. Gillibrand habitually changes her positions under pressure,” Ms. Proud continued. “She claimed to be a Blue Dog Democrat when she represented an upstate district, and is now rated the most left-wing senator in America as a member of the senate.  What does that tell you? Ms. Gillibrand’s only consistency is that when the going gets tough, she changes her mind.”


To enter the Gillibrand Flip-Flop Sweepstakes: ,


  1. 1.       “Friend” the Turner for U.S. Senate Facebook page,”follow” @TurnerforNY on Twitter or email us through http://www.TurnerforNY.com
  2. 2.      Post,Tweet or Email the date, hour, and minute of the coming flip flop with the words “GILLIBRAND FLIP-FLOP. “
  3. 3.      The New Yorker who comes closest to guessing the exact second Ms. Gillibrand breaks on Keystone will be awarded a free tank of gas, courtesy of the staff members and volunteers of Bob Turner for New York.




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