GOP Presidential Candidate Information Forum at March Meeting

The March meeting of the Northeast Queens Republican Club was a well-attended success and featured a lively candidate information forum moderated by NEQRC President John Watch. Each of the four remaining presidential hopefuls was discussed by a guest speaker before questions were asked by the membership.

The candidate “avatars” were Elio Forcina for Rick Santorum, Paul Neydavood for Newt Gingrich, Councilman Eric Ulrich for Mitt Romney and Councilman Dan Halloran for Ron Paul. The members in attendance were passionate in their particular views of each candidate and many issues, but were strongly united against President Obama’s re-election.

Special thanks to our four speakers, who did an excellent job of enlightening us.

The Club’s new logo, designed by Sal Bacarella, was also displayed for the first time.

Aside from this site and Facebook, members can also now follow the NEQRP on Twitter @neqrepublicans

To post an article, link, photo or anything of interest on this blog, email us at We want to hear from you!

Information on the next meting and other events will be posted soon.

In the meantime, we wish all of our candidates and elected officials the best of luck.

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